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Zero-Op Systems - Mercenary - Battle Tested Computing Solutions

The Mercenary - Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun

Series 1

Meet the Mercenary from Zero Op Systems on Vimeo.

Qualifications: In order to purchase a Series 1 turret, you must:
  • You have to provide us with information on the use and environment the Mercenary is being used for
  • Be willing to give feedback to Zero-Op Systems, including video footage and gameplay details
Technical Specifications
  • Fanless Motherboard + CPU
  • Custom Tailored Ubuntu Linux Operating System
  • Flash Memory - Computer has no moving parts and is less prone to failure when dropped or shot.
  • High Strength Servo Motors - Over 1400 Oz-In of Torque.
  • High Speed Firewire Camera - Delivers 30 frames per second.
  • Software Written in C++ Using Intel's OpenCV Library
Series 1 Release Package Includes:
  • Entire Turret Assembly
  • Interactive Target / Button
  • Wired Kill Switch
  • Converted Tippmann 98 Classic with Mounting Block (Spyder MR1 Available Upon Request)
  • Gravity Fed Hopper
  • 12V AC-DC Wall Adapter
  • Colored Jerseys (Red and Blue, 5 of each)
  • Manual
  • Free Software Updates for 90 Days, or until release of Series 2
  • Warranty: For Series 1 Units, we will work with field owners to replace any parts that are damaged under normal use, for 30 days. You pay shipping only.

  • All you need to provide is a Filled CO2 or HPA Tank, and paintballs.

Detailed Specifications
The Mercenary is the first of its kind: A robotic paintball turret that can track and shoot at players without any human operator. An on-board computer processes real-time video, acquires targets using motion and color processing, and then tracks them using predictive logic techniques. Players can interact with The Mercenary by setting options through an on-board LCD display, or through an interactive target. User adjustable settings include: rate of fire, burst modes, turret aggression, and scenario modes. One scenario includes team-based play by use of colored jerseys.
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